Human Focused Engineering for All

The engineering that makes Keiser fitness equipment effective at improving each human's performance, also makes it effective for all kinds of people. From casual gym-goers to elite professional athletes; from active older adults to astronauts; from rehabbing weekend warriors to U.S. Army Special Forces, Keiser's human-focused engineering can bring anyone to their fitness goals and beyond.

Health Clubs

Keiser helps health club leadership upgrade expectations from simply selling more memberships to dramatically improving closing rates with high-value memberships that enhance the profitability of the club’s member mix. Keiser is a strategic partner, providing health clubs with next-generation fitness equipment and programs with the versatility to make them appropriate for a wider variety of members, as well as the most dedicated, long-time members.

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Did You Know?
Rehabbing on Keiser can get athletes back on the field weeks earlier than scheduled.

Sports Performance

Keiser helps your pro & college athletes maximize performance on the field of play with an easy-to-implement, science-backed system that enables them to train at game speed. Our machines can also accelerate rehab and reduce injury risk.

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Older Adults

The Keiser machines used by pro athletes to improve on-field performance are just as effective for improving and maintaining older adults’ quality of life. Keiser products and programs help residents stay independent longer, allowing them to age in place. Our proven equipment will help your facility improve residents’ fitness levels, including balance, coordination and control.

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Medical Rehab

Engineered to deliver maximized results for a wide variety of patient needs, Keiser’s next-generation technology brings versatility to the practice, re-training patients’ neuromuscular systems to regain strength, speed and power, and perform everyday activities with agility, coordination and control. By optimizing each individual’s rehab treatment, Keiser can also help drive efficiencies in the practice that improve business results.

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Understanding the need for safe, effective group and target training equipment, Keiser fitness caters specifically to government entities like NASA as well as military, police and firefighter training programs.

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If you're the type of professional that strives to give your best to your clients you need Keiser, period. The only limitation you will have with Keiser is your imagination.

Marc Schlichtenmyer, Director, APEX Athletic Performance


If you distribute or maintain fitness equipment in places like hotels or cruise ships, Keiser’s products, engineered for long-term service and profitability, will both make guests happy and help your bottom line.

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